BLUEPRINT  your space

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We want to help create a system -- a “blueprint” -- that not only maximizes clarity of space and mind,

but one that balances the way you work and live your life.










BLUEPRINT your space


organization by design







areas of organizing


We utilize a collaborative approach to organize space with efficiency and design. 

We work with you to create spaces that match your needs and sensibilities.

The areas we can help organize include:



home office


any space that requires a BLUEPRINT...







Our Philosophy




We believe in a collaborative approach, and because each client and situation is different, we start by getting to know you, your goals, needs, and the context of your space. Is your space used primarily for work?  Or does it serve multiple functions?  Perhaps you share it with others as well. For either home or office, we seek to balance the requirements of your space with your lifestyle and personality, as part of a "blueprint" to keep your life organized.


We’d love to hear from you -- give us a call or drop us a line.




BLUEPRINT your space

organization by design




blue.print - /’bloo,print/

: a detailed plan or program of action



BLUEPRINT your space


organization by design






Phone: 310.713.4774   |  Email: