We at BLUEPRINT your space begin with a free phone consultation so we can learn a little bit about you as an individual, how you work, how you live, and the goals you have for your space. We also discuss the size and scope of your project, and whether you might simply need some inspiration (and a nudge!), or if you really need a new "blueprint" for your space.


Once we agree that your project requires our assistance, we arrange an on-site consultation, where we visit your location and assess your space and how it’s currently being used. Sometimes a space may not function properly due to basic layout and design issues, and other times a more organic approach is required that considers the space, the function, and the client. Our goals during this time are to determine:


Your GOAL...what would you like your end result to be?

SPACE ASSESSMENT:  help determine what is and isn't working for you.

DISCONNECT:  how your goals are impeded by disorganization.

DISCUSSION:  capture, clarify, and reflect. We discuss with you the ideas and opportunities for change.

ACTION:  we then would like to BLUEPRINT your space!


At BLUEPRINT your space our on-site consultation fee is $100.00 for the initial 1 hour visit. After this point, if you feel that through our visit that you may want to tackle this project on your own with some suggestions, no problem! We are happy to provide the "nudge" to get you going! However, if you would like to move forward with additional services, we charge $100.00 per hour, which includes both of us working for you every hour with a minimum of 3 hours. 



How we work

"I wanted to thank Blueprint Your Space for my new organized office.  Deborah and Seungee were able to listen to my needs and implement a clean and functional design that allows me to work more efficiently.  They covered all the basics from colored trash cans for recycling to rearranging art on my wall and even uncluttering my drawers with fantastic labeled folders for faster referencing.  I'm so organized and clean, I can actually breathe easier when I go to work." - Rusty D.



"I am a busy working mom who is also extremely disorganized, and this combination created a hectic environment. I had one giant pile and I kept piling things on top. None of it was organized so anytime I needed to find something I had to go through that entire pile. Even something as simple as paying a bill became a major ordeal because I had to look for the envelope and stamps and my checkbook. 

Blueprint Your Space came in and sorted everything out.  They came in and gave me a working office where everything was clutter-free and workable. Not only does this make my life easier but it gave me back my sanity. I didn't realize that all the clutter was making me feel overwhelmed at all times. Just looking at the clutter makes me feel like my life was hectic. Now I love sitting at my desk and have improved productivity and creativity." - Kelly C.




organizing process




An organizing thought process that will help your SPACE stay blueprinted:










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